I have decided it is time for this season of blog designing to come to an end and will not be accepting any more jobs. I will still make available Free Scripture Tags, as well as other graphics available for a donation of any amount. Thank you for your understanding.

Blog Design for Lisa's Ministry

Lisa Shaw at Sharing Life with Lisa wanted a new look that expressed her Freedom in Christ. I have had the pleasure of creating several designs for Lisa and I am always blessed by her.

Client Comments:
Can you see the big smile on my face for the header? This is exactly it! I'm so EXCITED!

Blog Designs and Graphics for Christian Ministry
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Lisa Shaw is the Author of "You Are Beautiful in God's Eyes"

Header for Lisa Shaw Ministries 

Logo Buttons for Lisa Shaw 

Blog Design for Sharing Life with Lisa 


LisaShaw said...

I love you Edie! I'm so blessed ALWAYS in your willingness to pray and hear GOD for what I need in my blog designs. Thank you for working with me and I have to say that the background of the blog blew my hubby away because he said that's EXACTLY representative of my life in Christ.

We both love the design. We both prayed together for you this morning.

Love and blessings my friend.

BECKY said...

Another great job, Edie! I'll be debuting my blog in the not-to-distant future!! I found another header I like better, but considering having you make one for me!
I'll let you know!
Love ya gal!

From the Heart said...

Beautiful as always. You amaze me at the things you come up with.
Luv u and miss u, AE

A Hopeful Heart said...

Just beautiful, Edie. I will pop over to Lisa's blog and let her know how much I like what you created for her.

I'm still totally in love with the blog you created for me!!! It is gorgeous and feminine and totally me. It makes blogging even more fun.


God's Not Finished With Us Yet said...

Hi Edie,

Long time no talk.

I was just wondering if you got the email I sent to you yesterday? If not no biggie. But when you aren't busy and get a small chance do you think you could help me fix something on my blog design? I'm such a nut that I messed my header up. I know, I know...I'm a big GOOF!! LOL!

God Bless,
Your Friend,

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