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How to Use PDF Documents on Blogger - Webs.com Option

In my previous post I introduced you to DropBox, a public resource for storing documents that you can link to from your blog. Today I want to show you another option, Webs.com. I told you about Webs.com in this article and how you can use it to grow your blog ministry without having to move your blog. One great way you can use Webs.com is to privately store your PDF and other documents for you to use as you like on your blog.

Webs.com is a free website. You can just follow the link to sign-up. The free website does have some limitations, it is free after all. :) I think it may take about a week before you have access to upload files. Not sure about that. I've been using mine for so long I don't remember.

On to the tutorial.

1. When you sign in to your webs.com account it will take you to your Dashboard.

2. On the left there will be a section labeled SITES I'VE CREATED (you can have multiple websites). Click on the VIEW CONTROL PANEL button under your site name.

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5. In this section you can create folders to organize your files. You can upload images, documents, and media such as videos. Select the folder you want to store your documents in (or make a NEW FOLDER).

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6. Click SINGLE FILE UPLOADER. (You would need to upgrade your account to use the Multi File Uploader.)

7. Click BROWSE to locate the file you want to upload.


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9. Now you can just click on the file and it will open your PDF in a new tab.

10. Copy the URL (website address) and link it into your blog post or sidebar. Where ever you want your visitors to access it.

If you don't want to wait a week to upload your pdf files, you can gain immediate access by upgrading your webs.com account. Upgrades begin at only $3.75 a month.

What I love about using webs.com is that my files are stored on my own private site and I have access to them anytime I want.

I don't have to install a 3rd party software on my computer and nothing in remotely accessing my computer.

Also, as I've mentioned before, using webs.com provides opportunity to expand my ministry beyond just a blog.

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elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Thanks, Edie, for these tips. I'll look into webs.com, as I'm concerned about the privacy issue. That being said, I don't plan on using it that much... only to make a few files available to readers for download/printing purposes. Thanks for the investigating. You are a wealth of information!


Edie said...

You're so welcome Elaine! The nice thing about using webs.com free website is that you can use it only for uploading files if that is your only need. Blessings!

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