I have decided it is time for this season of blog designing to come to an end and will not be accepting any more jobs. I will still make available Free Scripture Tags, as well as other graphics available for a donation of any amount. Thank you for your understanding.

Blog Design for Patti

Patti at Fill My Cup with Beauty is the proud recipient of a custom blog design. After being oppressed from beauty and taught that it was something sinful, God showed Patti that He created beauty and intends for us to enjoy it. Now Patti worships the LORD as He fills her cup with the beauty of Christ.

Client Comments:
I think it's GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!! I absolutely love it!!! It is SO me. I am beyond excited about this. I totally LOVE your creation!!

Blog Designs and Graphics for Christian Ministry
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The Real Me! said...

You pegged it my friend. That is Patti to a "tea"!
Great job!!!

From the Heart said...

Beautiful design. Glad to see you are getting more things to do.

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