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Facebook Group Banner for LaTanya

With Facebook's new Timeline and similar changes to groups, LaTanya needed a facebook banner for her ministry group Women Arise!-2.

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From the Heart said...

A beautiful banner. I enjoyed talking with you. I miss you, but then I'm not doing much right now.
After talking with you I decided to call my only living uncle but got no answer which bothered me. He lives in Colorado Springs. I called one of his sons that I have gotten to know through emails and he told me his dad was at home but was dying. That really threw me especially when I learned the next day that at the time we were talking he really was dying. Hospice had been coming in for several weeks. I know he had emphysema and Agent Orange. He was in 3 wars. I dearly loved him.
His son called me the next morning and told he had died. One of his brothers called later in the day at the request of his Mom and he actually died on Saturday about 6:30 pm his time, 8:30 my time.
I so wish I could go out there but there is just no way. He was 87 years old.

Didn't mean this to be so long. Wanted you to know I will be praying for you.
Love and prayers, AE

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