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Four Ways To Improve Your Page Load Time

When you go to a blog or website and it takes more than a few seconds to load what do you do? Most people move on to another blog. Here are some ways to improve your blog page load time.

1. Too many special effects like falling snow and animated graphics. Try not to load up on special effects. If you do use these placing them in the right sidebar and closer to the bottom of the page will help your page load faster.

2. Scrolling images. In an effort to clean up your sidebar you may have decided to put all your friends buttons in a scrolling widget. These can actually decrease your page load time if you have a lot of buttons. It will help to put these in your right sidebar and closer to the bottom of the page. A better solution is to put all your buttons on a page of their own with a navigation link to the page.

3. Interactive widgets are one of the biggest culprits for decreasing your page load time. By interactive I'm referring to widgets that have to retrieve information from another site in order to function properly on yours. Music players, clocks, and calendars are all examples of this type of widget. If you don't need it then consider removing it. If you must have these try to use as few as possible and don't place them at the top of your blog page. The footer or at the bottom of your right sidebar is the best place to help your page load faster.

4. Pages with less information load faster so setting your home page to display three posts or less will help improve page load time. You can set this up in the Formatting section of your Settings in blogger.

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Beth in NC said...

Thanks for the advice Edie! I recently made the change of only displaying 2 of my posts at a time and it really helped my page upload faster. Also, decreasing the size of my photos.

Bless you!

From the Heart said...

Thanks, Edie. Some of the things I already knew but there are a few I did not know about.

I have posted an update regarding my health.

Thanks for all your prayers and I hope you will continue. All of you mean so much to me.
Love and hugs

From the Heart said...

Could you give us tips for settin up a Navigation Bar.

Lynn said...

Great advice. Thank you.

KrippledWarrior said...

I disable all scripting in my browser. So a lot of those things never get seen even if they are overly used. Always enguarde.

Fresh Wind Solutions said...

Thanks for sharing!

LisaShaw said...

Thanks Sis!

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