I have decided it is time for this season of blog designing to come to an end and will not be accepting any more jobs. I will still make available Free Scripture Tags, as well as other graphics available for a donation of any amount. Thank you for your understanding.

Prayer Button for Melissa

Melissa is the daughter of Beth at An Instrument 4 His Glory. After returning from a mission trip to Africa, Melissa became very sick and was diagnosed with Malaria. She is in the hospital now. Please pray for her healing and for Beth. Grab the button to put on your sidebar.

Pray for Melissa
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Lisa C. aka Trophy of Grace said...

Hello sister,

My name is Lisa Colon founder of WeUsed2bu Ministries. WeUsed2bu is a Christian Girl Advice site. We give free anonymous advice to women all over the world. We need some site work done. I am not sure if you can help us but if you can please email me back. I would greatly appreciate it. Our site is WeUsed2bu.com


Andrea said...

Edie you are awesome!
Blessings, andrea

Andrea said...


Edie on this site you will find not one but two urgent prayer requests. Sandi follows my blogs and I follow hers. She is so sweet. I told her to come here, but I don't know if she will ask....just thought I would toss you another opportunity to share GODS love in such a powerful way. GOD has truly given you a gift and an ministry.

BECKY said...

Love your heart, gal!
Blessings and hugs,

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

My heart is so full, you have blessed me immeasurably.

I love you so my friend!

Thanks for praying for my sweet daughter.

Anonymous said...

Edie, what a beautiful button. I've added it to my blog and am so praying for her... blessings to you, too!

LisaShaw said...

Edie you are so precious! I've been praying for Melissa as well.

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