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Blog Makeover Contest Winner

It's time to announce the Contest Winner!

First I would like to say Thank you to my two dear friends for their part in making this contest more fun and successful.

Thank you Chatty Kelly for hosting the contest on your blog and for agreeing to be a judge in this contest.

Thank you Lea at the Thee Olde Potting Shed for announcing the contest on your blog and also for being a judge in this contest.

Thank you all who entered! You really made this fun! If you did not win this contest and did not see the finalist announcement yesterday, you can read it Here. Please check back often and leave comments letting me know what you would like to see in here as I plan to have additional periodic contests and giveaways.

======= On to the announcement. ========

First the contestants names were written on drawing cards.

Next they were dropped into a bag.

The bag was shaken not stirred. (No photo available.)

And finally one card was drawn from the bag announcing the winner.
Are you ready?
And the winner is ....

Congratulations to Barb at Between the Lines - Living in Open Spaces.


In addition, there is one poem that, while it did not make the winner's list, did have a verse that captured the heart of Judge Lea. She has decided that she personally wants to offer that person a surprise gift box from The Potting Shed.

The Surprise Gift Box from Lea goes to one who said "My God I'm adoring."
Heather at Pursuing Purity.

Congratulations Heather!


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Lisa said...

Thank you so much for all the fun. Even though I didn't win I learned so much about blogging and have been introduced to so many wonderful blogs that I may never go to bed.

Chatty Kelly said...

I love Lisa's comment above! It was so fun. Thanks for letting me play hostess (with the most-ess.) It was a hoot!

Congratulations Barb!

Anonymous said...

Well, how about that? I am so excited... a surprise gift box? I haven't been this excited since I got to see Avalon from the front row! Yippee!!!
Congratulations to Barb, Lisa, and ADHD Jo! That was so much fun! And thanks Edie, Kelly, and Lea for such a great experience!

Your sister in Christ,

Sharon said...

Congratulations to the winner!!!!What a blessing you all are for doing this.
I will hopefully catch the next one!

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